Northeast Shore
Tolomato River
Anastasia Island, FL

The distinctive black-and-white spiral bands of the St. Augustine Lighthouse near the entrance to the inlet makes this structure one of the most visually noticeable in Florida, resembling a huge barberpole.

The first lighthouse on Anastasia Island was constructed in 1824 some 73 feet high with an oil lamp visible for 14 miles. Erosion destroyed this lighthouse and a new brick-and-iron tower was constructed in 1871 about a half-mile away and still stands to this day.

In 1874 a Fresnel lens was installed in the tower, providing a fixed light that could be seen for 19 miles. In addition to this light, a second light flashing once every 30 seconds was visible for 24 miles. Both were oil burning. The tower was finally electrified in 1936.

Today a 20,000 candlepower light is automatic and flashes every 30 seconds.

The keeper's quarters were converted to a museum in 1988 and contain exhibits, a period room and a video theater open during daylight hours.

LIGHTHOUSE - 161' / OPEN - daylight hours / MUSEUM - Yes / FEE - Yes