Cape St. George
Apalachicola Bay, FL

When the importance of a lighthouse on Cape St. George was realized, Congress authorized $11,400 to build a 65' tower on Little St. George Island where it remained until replaced by a new tower two miles away in 1847. The third-order lens was visible 15 miles at sea until winds pushed it over in 1851.

A new 72' tower on solid pilings was built in 1852 and although damaged during the Civil War and by hurricanes, the white conical tower stands to this day. The thickness of the walls varies from four feet at the base to two feet at the top. A circular stair leads from the ground to within six feet of the lantern, with an iron ladder completing the ascent. Keeper's quarters were added in 1878.

During World War II, the lighthouse served as a "Coastal Lookout Station" for the Gulf of Mexico. In 1961 a fire destroyed a single-story wood dwelling, a two storied brick dwelling, a pumphouse, stable, storeroom and generator building by the lighthouse.

The lighthouse remains isolated on Little St. George Island, part of Cape St. George State Preserve, and is accessible only by private boat to a dock five miles from the lighthouse.

LIGHTHOUSE - 72' / OPEN - Yes / MUSEUM - No / FEE - No