Key West
Florida Keys

The first lighthouse in Key West, once the largest Gulf of Mexico port and now host to some 1,000,000 visitors annually, was built in 1825 on Whitehead Point.

The 1846 hurricane destroyed the lighthouse and killed 14 people seeking shelter in the tower. The following year a new 66' tower, the present lighthouse, was built on higher ground and more inland for protection from storms.

In 1984, workers added 20' to the tower, making it 86' tall. With a base 15' above sea level, the light is 100' above sea level.

The Coast Guard removed the lighthouse from active service in 1969 and turned it into a museum. Today visitors can see the fresnel lens from Sombrero Key Lighthouse, ship models, photographs, uniforms and nautical charts. More than 150,000 people visit the lighthouse each year.

LIGHTHOUSE - 86' / OPEN - Yes / MUSEUM - Yes / FEE - Yes