This is a chronological list of Yacht Clubs appearing in maritime literature.
Eforts have been made to make the list as complete as possible. However,
some yacht clubs and other information might be wrong or missing.

1718 Flotilla of the Neva St. Petersburg, Russia
1720 The Water Club of the Harbor of Cork Cork, Ireland
1770 Lough Ree Yacht Club Ballymore, Coosan,  Ireland
1772 Starcross Yacht Club England
1775 Cumberland Fleet England
1800 Royal Cork Yacht Club (Formally "The Water Club of Harbor of Cork"- 1720)
Cork, Ireland
1815 The Yacht Club London, England
1820 Royal Yacht Club (Formally "The Yacht Club"-1815) London, England
1823 Thames Yacht Club England
1824 (split in two) Royal Northern Yacht Club Belfast, Ireland
1826 Republic of Singapore Yacht Club Singapore
1827 (see above) Royal Northern Yacht Club Glasgow, Scotland
1827 (see above) Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club Belfast, Ireland
1827 Royal Western Yacht Club Plymouth, England
1827 Royal Western Yacht Club Ireland
1830 Royal Thames Yacht Club (Formally "Cumberland Fleet"-1775)
London, England
1830 Segelsallskapet Stockholm, Sweden
1831 Royal Irish Yacht Club Dublin, Ireland
1832 Kungliga Svenska Segal Sallskapet, KSSS Stockholm, Sweden
1832 Royal Swedish Yacht Club, KSSS Stockholm, Sweden
1833 Royal Yacht Squadron (Formally "R.Y.C."-1820) Cowes, England
1833 Royal London Yacht Club Cowes, England
1837 Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron
Nova Scotia, Canada
1837 Tamar Yacht Club Launceston, Tasmania Australia
1838 Debon Yacht Club Suffolk, England
1838 Royal Hobart Regatta Association Hobart, Tasmania Australia
1838 Royal Southern Yacht Club Hamble, England
1839 Detroit Boat Club Michigan, USA
1840 Societe des Regates du Havre Le Havre, France
1843 Royal Harwich Yacht Club Harwich, England
1844 Royal Mersey Yacht Club England
1844 Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Hamilton, Bermuda
1844 New York Yacht Club New York, USA
1846 Royal Bombay Yacht Club Mumbai, India
1846 Koninklijke Nederlansche Jachtclub, Royal Yacht Club of the Low Countries Rotterdam, Holland
1847 Yacht Club "in" Amsterdam, Holland
1849 Southern Yacht Club New Orleans, LA  USA
1849 Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Hong Kong
1851 Royal Perth Yacht Club Australia
1851 Royal Yacht Club of Belgium Antwerp, Belgium
1851 The Maas Yacht Club Rotterdam, Holland
1851 Yacht Club "in" Dordrecht, Holland
1852 Royal Canadian Yacht Club Toronto, Canada
1855 (see below) Segel-Club Rhe Koenigsberg, East Prussia
****1945 Segel-Club Rhe (moved to) Hamburg, Germany
1850 Springfield Yacht & Canoe Club Agawam, MA  USA
1855 Real Sporting Club Spain
1855 Club del Albe Spain
1856 Real Association Naval Portugal
1856 Bjorneborgs Segelforening Pori, Finland
1858 Societe des Regates Parisiennes Paris, France
1860 Royal Yacht Club d'Ostende Ostende, Belgium
1860 The Antwerp Yacht Club Antwerp, Belgium
1860 Kunglig Norsk Sejlforening K.N.S. Royal Norwegian Yacht Club Hanko, Norway
1860 Goteborgs Segelsallskap Gothenburg, Sweden
1860 Royal Danish Yacht Club Copenhagen, Denmark
1861 Nylandska Jaktklubben, N.J.K. Helsinki, Finland
1865 Abo Segelsallskap Turku, Finland
1865 Raritan Yacht Club Raritan, NJ, USA
1865 Riverton Yacht Club Riverton, NJ, USA
1866 Boston Yacht Club Boston, MA, USA
1867 Balatonfuredi Yacht Club Balatonfured, Hungary
1867 Sailing Club de Gand - Royal Belgian Sailing Club Gent, Belgium
1867 Yacht Club de France Paris, France
1869 Portland Yacht Club Falmouth, ME, USA
1870 Dorchester Yacht Club Boston, MA, USA
1871 North Shore Yacht Club
Port Washington, NY, USA
1871 Seawanahaka Corinthian Yacht Club of America Oyster Bay, NY, USA
1872 Beverly Yacht Club Marion, MA, USA
1872 The Old Club Harsens Island, MI, USA
1872 Gamlakarleby Segelforening Kokkola, Finland
1872 Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club Dover, England
1875 Yacht Racing Association England
1875 Rhode Island Yacht Club Cranston, RI USA
1875 Royal Western Yacht Club Helensburgh, Scotland
1876 Bay of Quinte Yacht Club
Belleville, ON, Canada
1877 Bristol Yacht Club Bristal, RI, USA
1877 Great Salt Lake Yacht Club Salt Lake City, UT, USA
1877 Rochester Yacht Club Rochester, NY, USA
1879 Monmouth Boat Club Red Bank, NJ, USA
1879 Yacht Club Italiano Genoa, Italy
1880 Royal Cruising Club
Beaminster, England
1886 San Deigo Yacht Club
San Deigo, CA, USA
1887 Biscayne Bay Yacht Club
Coconut Grove, Miami, FL, USA
1887 Britannia Yacht Club Ottawa, Ontario , Canada
1887 Kaiserlicher Yacht Club Kiel, Germany
1890 Segelsallskapet Westgotarne/SSW Lidkoping, Sweden
1891 Ocean Yacht Club Staten Island, NY, USA
1892 Seattle Yacht Club Seattle, WA, USA
1894 National Yacht Club Toronto, Canada
1895 Verbano Yacht Club Stresa, Italy
1896 Halifax River Yacht Club Daytona Beach, FL, USA
1897 Goteborgs Kungl. Segelsallskap, GKSS Gothenburg, Sweden
18?? Royal Ulster Yacht Club Ireland
1903 Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club Ontario, Canada
1903 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1922 Cruising Club of America, CCA USA
1925 Ocean Racing Club, Aka (Royal ORC in 1931)
London, England

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